Reclaim Your Beauty.

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As a designer, I'm passionate about helping women reclaim the beauty that lies dormant in their lives.  With clothing, accessories and services, I encourage clients to evince a more fulfilling and authentic self-expression -- outside the pressures of fashion and impossible cultural standards.

 Because Beauty extends far beyond what we see - and is actually something we experience - the nurturing of Beauty in our lives is essential to our well-being.  


Created with 2- printed layers of sheer, silk chiffon -- Shadow Pattern Scarves offer Beauty, Versatility and Reversibility not found in single layer Scarves.

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Your True Style

The clothing you wear is a powerful means of self-expression. Creating an authentic personal style is key to the "Feeling of Beauty" and confidence. 

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Signature Classics

Sidestepping trends in favor of a more integrated approach to fashion, Ann Catherine designs easy-to-wear, timeless classics that grace the female form.

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"I love knowing the person that designs what I wear. As a longtime customer, one of the many things I appreciate is Ann's genuine and caring attitude. Her keen intuition applies not only to her craft, but also how she relates to me -- very helpful, but always respectful of my opinion. Ann Catherine clothing is expertly constructed -- truly timeless and beautiful. And, I never fail to receive compliments, even for pieces I've worn for many years." - Jan W.

"Let me count the ways I LOVE your Shadow Pattern Scarves. I have 5 and wear them almost everyday. They are simply beautiful! Today, I'm wearing a black top and OCEAN adds the right amout of style and color. They look beautiful, feel beautiful and are beautifully made." Eve O.

"I loved every minute of our three hours together. It flew by! I had a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear. With your calm demeanor and creative eye, we dove in. We reduced my overwhelming spring/summer wardrobe down by a third (my goal). The result: Now I actually wear the nice clothes I have in my closet, instead of my default "outfit" -- a pair of jeans and a t-shirt." - Mair H.

Ann Catherine clothes are stunning, classic and distinctive. She creates garments that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. I've worn her clothes at business meetings from New York to Hong Kong and at many social events. Every time I wear something she has made, I bring elegant simplicity into the world, and that is a beautiful thing!" Lynn D.

"My Shadow Pattern Infinity totally bumped up my scarf game. It's one of those wondrous, artful, double-cool, double-duty accessories that goes with everything -- from t-shirts to dressy tops -- it completes my ensemble. Lighter than air and more impactful than the other 20 scarves in my wardrobe. I'm in love!" Micaela S.