Beauty, re-Defined.

Ann Catherine Design

As a designer who has worked one-on-one with women for years, I know that so many of us feel a sense of 'not-enoughness' regarding the way we look. My gift is helping women to Re-define and Reclaim beauty on their terms; beauty I believe, is their birthright.

I encourage and guide my clients to evince a more fulfilling and authentic self-expression -- outside the pressures of fashion and culturally distorted standards of beauty.

Signature Classics

Sidestepping trends in favor of a more integrated approach to fashion, Ann Catherine designs easy-to-wear, timeless classics that grace the female form.


Your True Style

The clothing you wear is a powerful means of self-expression. Discovering  your authentic personal style is key to a 'Feeling of Beauty' and confidence. 

Wardrobe Confidence

Your New, Favorite accessory

Shadow Pattern Scarves bring Beauty, Versatility and Reversibility to your wardrobe-  expanding your possibilities for creative self-expression.

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