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" ...from t-shirts to dressy tops, it completes my ensemble. ...Lighter than air and more impactful than the other 20 scarves in my wardrobe." -Micaela S.

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"...comfortable as they are beautiful. I've worn her clothes at business meetings from New York to Hong Kong and at many social events." -Lynn D.

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"I loved every minute of our three hours together! ...Now I actually wear the nice clothes I have in my closet, instead of jeans and a t-shirt." -Mair H.

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 Because Beauty extends far beyond what we see - and is actually something we experience - the nurturing of Beauty is essential to our well-being.  

As a designer, I'm passionate about helping women reclaim the beauty that lies dormant in their lives.  With services and products, I encourage clients to evince a more fulfilling and authentic self-expression, outside the pressures of fashion.