Express and Experience Beauty

Shadow Pattern Scarves

Experience ...

Beauty is not only ...

something we see;

it's something we experience.

What they're saying


I LOVE your Shadow Pattern Scarves.  I have 5 -- and wear them almost everyday. They are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! Today, I’m wearing a black top and OCEAN adds the right amount of style and color. They look beautiful, they feel beautiful, and they are beautifully made.

 E. Ozer - Chicago, IL

My Shadow Pattern ...

INFINITY totally bumped up my scarf game. It’s one of those wondrous, artful, double-cool, double-duty accessories that goes with everything -- from t-shirts to dressy tops -- it completes my ensemble. Lighter than air and more impactful than the other 20 scarves in my wardrobe -- I’m in love!

 M. Sullivan-Fowler - Madison, WI

surprised my girlfriend ...

with a Shadow Pattern Shawl for her birthday. A colleague was wearing one and I asked where she got it.  I'm a graphic designer, so am pretty picky but when I checked out Ann Catherine's site -- Wow! These are beautiful!  Well-priced, original and I love supporting independent designers.

  T. Corbett - San Francisco, CA 


Shadow Patterns, I thought scarves were only worn in winter when the temp drops. But, when I tried my first Ann Catherine scarf I was delighted to discover how wonderful they FEEL. This led me to purchase more over time, as I pair them with everything from casual to fancy. They transform any outfit and I never fail to get compliments. 

 J. Winslow - Evanston, IL

... and Express


... our signature scarves, are a "Fall in Love" accessory. Created by layering 2 complementary (or contrasting) sheer, silk prints, the magic of these scarves comes from the interplay of the blended patterns.

LOOK CLOSELY, you'll notice that the underlying pattern peeks thru to reveal a shadow effect, adding dimension and reversibility not found in single layer scarves.

Our pattern combinations have names that evoke the natural world or a memorable experience.  Feel into  MIST, FESTIVAL, SHORELINE, DREAMCATCHER, WHISPER and TEATIME, our new Shadow Pattern combinations.

Better yet, try one on!