How are you showing up?

Wardrobe & Home Office Styling (for video)

While so many small business owners are having to pivot to online presentations and meetings during the pandemic, I am committed to helping you show up as your best self. My priority is to align the look and feel of your video presence with You, Your Brand and Messaging.

With this new service, I am delighted to bring together many of my gifts:

20+ years designing clothing

10+ years home staging and interior re-design

6+ years consulting on wardrobe and professional image 

+ my intuition

Let's eliminate all that 'visual noise' so your audience can focus on you and your unique content ...


Your Video Presence

When your wardrobe and home office are in visual alignment with your brand and messaging, your video audience is better able to focus on You and your content.

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Professional Image Consulting

Imagine going to your wardrobe each day, knowing you have exactly the clothes you need to feel Beautiful, Confident and Perfectly Aligned with Who You Are?

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Bring Beauty and Versatility to your wardrobe with Shadow Pattern Scarves - the perfect accessory to accent any outfit, dressy, professional or casual.

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"Ann Catherine transformed my Zoom look effortlessly

so I feel that I show up more polished, professional and confident on my video calls. I found her work to be invaluable." Fiona Harrold - Bestselling Author, Be Your Own Life Coach

"Within 20 minutes

Ann made a handful of changes that brought more beauty and harmony to my space; I can FEEL the difference. She has an incredibly intuitive design sense and is super honest and kind. I left the consult feeling good about myself and knowing that my newly-arranged space will help create a more enjoyable experience on my Zoom calls for my clients and students." Kelly Mathews - Resonance Marketing, Yoga Instructor

"I just had a spectacular call with Ann Catherine

about my background for Zoom videos! She helped me use what I already had available to find the right angle, lighting and design for my space. It was SO helpful. I'm even more excited about doing my videos now!" Barbara Carr - FUSE Marketing and Media

"You went above and beyond

my expectations! By the end of our session, I felt confident knowing that my space and wardrobe would appear orderly, stylish and inspiring. You provided 40 minutes of pure professionalism, warmth and understanding. Thanks so much for your time and wonderful energy." Irene Rozansky - Arbonne Consultant

"What an amazing experience

working with Ann. She is truly gifted. With just a few suggestions my set went from OK to WOW! The space where I host my video presentations is balanced visually, energetically, and projects the image I was seeking. Thank You Ann, for sharing your magic! Theresa Sperling - Speaker Coach, Achieve That Next Level

"Ann's professional expertise is a valuable asset

to every business owner who is serious about being at the top of their field; because how you are perceived by others becomes their reality of who they believe you truly are. This is why it is important to have a team of trusted advisors who can unashamedly tell you the truth. During our session, Ann helped me "cross the t's" and 'dot the i's" to enhance my client's experience." Duane D. Stone - President, CEO, Arial3 Group, Inc.