How Are You Showing Up?

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Align Yourself With Success

When working with prospects, clients or colleagues - in-person or online - How You Show Up Matters, or you risk undermining your credibility and success. 

For over twenty years, I've been helping professional women, small business owners and speakers diminish self-doubt and transform their self-image and professional presence.

If you're someone who would like to feel more confident about your appearance, and wants more assurance about how you are perceived, I guide you to develop a style that perfectly suits you; one that aligns with Who You Are, your profession, brand and message.

Are You Ready?

"What an amazing experience

it is to work with Ann. She is truly gifted. With just a few suggestions my video presence went from OK to WOW! Thank You Ann, for sharing your magic! Theresa Sperling - Speaker Coach

Your Video Presence

"Ann Catherine transformed my Zoom look effortlessly

so I show up more polished, professional and confident on my video calls. I found her work to be invaluable." Fiona Harrold - Bestselling Author

Your Video Presence

"Ann helped me identify a style that not only suits me,

but a style that beautifully resonates with Who I Am and what I teach." - Jenny Gumm, Business Strategist

Professional Image Consulting

"I just had a spectacular call with Ann

about my background for Zoom videos! She helped me use what I already had available to find the right angle, lighting and design for my space. It was SO helpful!" Barbara Carr - Business Marketing

Your Video Presence

"You are fabulous beyond words.

Thank you for an amazing consultation." Susan Atchinson - Holistic Health Coach

Your Video Presence

"Within 20 minutes

Ann brought more beauty and harmony to how I show up online; I can FEEL the difference. She has an incredibly intuitive design sense and is super honest and kind." Kelly Mathews - Business Marketing

Your Video Presence

"Working with Ann is a life altering experience

in that she TRULY changed the way I look at my body and even how I define beauty for myself. I absolutely recommend Ann's services to anyone! She is a JOY to work with!" Jen Coffel - Speaker, Business Consultant

Professional Image Consulting

"You went above and beyond

my expectations! You provided 40 minutes of pure professionalism, warmth and understanding. Thanks so much for your time and wonderful energy." Irene Rozansky - Skin Care Consultant

Your Video Presence

"You are wonderful at what you do

and a gift to anyone you work with. I LOVE what we accomplished together!" Sharyn Reiff - Speech Therapist

Professional Image Consulting

Services & Products

When your clothing and background create visual distractions, your online audience is not able to fully focus on you and your content. Let's fix that!

Your Video Presence

Imagine going to your wardrobe each day, knowing you have exactly the clothes you need to feel Beautiful, Confident and Aligned with Who You Are?

Professional Image Consulting

Bring Beauty and Versatility to your wardrobe with Shadow Pattern Scarves - the perfect accessory to accent any outfit, dressy, professional or casual.

Shadow Pattern Scarves