A New Year - A New Way of Seeing

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I happened upon this image a few weeks ago and have been wondering why it is so captivating to my eyes.  Of course, the beauty is ever apparent ... but looking deeper, I tune into what awakens in me.  There's a sense of balance color-wise, the hint of seasons changing, the depth of field -- it all adds up to a feeling of happiness and wonder whenever I see this image.
As a designer, I am very aware of this way of seeing, but it's an awareness I try and pass on to clients as well --  the idea of stretching beyond Do I like it?  Is it pretty? to How does it make me feel?  Everything is moving rapidly in life these days, so to take time out and actually "see" (and feel) the beauty around us is very beneficial to our well-being. This may seem so obvious that it goes without saying but . . .
I have a theory (actually many :) that a part of us responds to everything in our environment, whether we are aware of it or not.  Taking a pause to tune into beauty -- whether in nature, design, music (it doesn't have to be visual) a friendly face, a photograph -- has a subtle, quiet effect on our senses that is actually quite profound.
So, let's dive deeper and actually Experience Beauty, because what resonates stays with us, at least for a (precious) while.

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