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In all the years I've been designing, I've explored many aspects of design -- most importantly Beauty and why it is so important to our well-being.

What I've come to understand is that most women feel pretty uncomfortable with the way they look. It's no wonder: our culture has hijacked beauty and inundates women with standards that are usually distorted and unattainable.

Everyone wants to feel 'attractive'. That's a given. As women, we've made great progress, but we're still under the influence of patriarchy. So, who exactly is making the rules? I recently read that the fashion industry takes its cues from the porn industry. I can feel that, AND it scares me.

But, we're on the threshold of great change. As women, we can participate in creating a new paradigm of Beauty -- reclaiming it, so to speak, to more fully express the totality of who we are.

In my work, I invite clients to use words to describe the feeling they want to create through their personal appearance or when redesigning their homes. A client I recently worked with chose Feminine, Comfortable, Artsy, when describing how she wanted to experience herself. These words served as reference points for the creative process while renewing her wardrobe.

As to the new site? Finally, everything I create and do can be found in one place -- because there is a thread that runs through all my work. That thread has become my mantra:

"Beauty is something we feel, and is Integral to our Well-Being."

For the past two years, my website has solely focused on Shadow Pattern Scarves. The new site includes a more comprehensive presentation of my work. While clients may still browse the scarf collection, they can also schedule Home and Wardrobe Consultations, view Ann Catherine Timeless, Classic Clothing, and organize Professional Events to bring Beauty and Well-being into the workplace.

So, let's RECLAIM BEAUTY, ladies. Starting today. What are your 3 words?

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  • Congrats on the new website Ann! Look forward to browsing…AND pondering my three words! :-)

    Gail Mancuso on

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