My Yoga Teacher Asked “What Do You Sell” ?

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In a private session with my yoga teacher, she posed the question “What do you sell”? The answer to this seemingly simple query took quite some time to put into writing; I was challenged to unpack the deeper reasons into why I do what I do.

When I relaunched the clothing line and rebranded to Ann Catherine, it was with the intention of bringing more than just products to the world. I realized that as a design intuitive, I can help clients better understand how important the nurturing of beauty is to a self-care and wellness. So the tag line Beauty . Grace . Ease, became the guiding principles behind the brand.

Because Beauty extends beyond the visual and is actually something we experience, I believe Beauty is essential to Well-Being. That is my mission. That is what I “sell”.

Our culture moves at breakneck speed and women are besieged with images of what we “should” look like and how we ‘should” live. We take this in on a subconscious level and more often than not, feel like we are “not measuring up.” This causes undue and unconscious stress and yet another distraction from our true nature. 

In my work, I invite clients to reframe outer expectations and move toward a more authentic expression and experience of the beauty that resides within.  Whether at home or in the clothes we wear, nurturing beauty brings a quiet sense of peace and integration to our lives.

But … Whose beauty? By whose standard?

Because it has become commodified, beauty can be a tricky word. How do we cut through the noise (messaging and images) to create a unique expression and experience of our own beauty?

As with everything we see, hear, touch, feel, beauty has an energy. True beauty - that of a sunset, a rose, good design, a dancer, even kindness - is something we all feel, it has lasting resonance.  It vibrates in the heart. As individuals, we feel this differently, of course, but beauty that is universally acknowledged brings a visceral response. We feel it in our bodies.

Consider Feng Shui: A system of laws - in Chinese thought - that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi).  Although not formally trained in Feng Shui, I’ve discovered my natural inclination to those “laws” and bring awareness of energy flow to designing clothing and interiors...

all with the intent of bringing more Beauty . Grace . Ease to the world, through the lives of my clients.

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  • Beautifully stated Annie.

    Sandra Mehl on
  • I love how you beautifully illustrated the meaning behind your brand. What a treat to read!!

    Kelly Mathews on
  • Quietly gracious. Reading your words brings beauty alive. They are a authentic reminder as to what we should all be focusing on.

    Eve Ozer on
  • So well and beautifully said, Annie.
    True beauty is connected to truth and like you said resonates within the heart on a universal level creating a connection among us all. Thank you, beautiful soul.

  • Lovely words to ponder, thanks Anne.

    Gail Mancuso on

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