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In my particular yoga practice, we do a lot of chanting -- mantras set to simple melodies, repeated over and over again.  I find contentment in the repetition of tones, vowels, consonants and can feel them ease into my body. Remnants of the melodies remain in my walking around space, and I sing them quietly in my mind as I head to the studio or local cafe. As someone who has historically had a very noisy and often negative mind, this has been balm for my spirit.
We all have 'mantras' - patterns of thought - that play over and over in our heads, but we may not be aware of the power they hold over us.  As women, a few familiar thought patterns might be " I'm too fat, That will never work, My job is killing me, I'm out of shape, I'll never meet anyone, I'm exhausted, I'm getting old, I'm not successful (enough), I don't have time, I'm a bad mother, I look terrible, etc." On and on we go, mantra-ing these messages. 
But, here's the catch:
Every cell in our bodies is listening intently to what we say (and think) -- every single minute of every single day. This is not some new-age precept. Dr. Candace Pert, wrote a groundbreaking book in 1999 titled, Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine. This book and Dr. Bruce Lipton's Biology of Belief forever changed the way I view myself, other people and the world at large. These scientists discovered that the measure of our health and well-being is very much informed by the words we say (out loud) and the thoughts we think.  That's a powerful concept; a little scary actually, but ultimately a hopeful one.
When I work with women to reclaim the beauty in their lives, I ask them to identify three words that describe the essence of the feelings they want to experience vis a vis the way they present themselves in the clothing they wear and the way they wish to feel in their home environment. These three words become a platform to stand on, reference points that guide their journey to a more authentic self.  Clothing and our home environments, obviously, are only part of the bigger picture; but these are things we have control over. And because beauty is so fundamental to well-being, they can become important pieces in the puzzle of redefining and reclaiming our beauty, ourselves.
We are all becoming. Our work is never done; that's the good news. We all have the power to change the aspects of ourselves that do not feel aligned with our higher nature. The biggest satisfaction in my work is assisting women in this process.
Homework: What are three words that describe the beauty you would like to express and experience? 
How big is the gap between where you are, and where you want to be?
That's where the work begins. 
Words (Become) Matter.
With Beauty, Grace, Ease,             Ann
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  • That negative self talk can really take over if we let it! I was horrified when I really tuned in to what I was saying to myself.. thanks for this superb reminder, Ann, that I am in charge of my thoughts and I have the power to change them! My life is much happier when I talk nicely to myself :)

    Catherine on
  • Lovely post Annie. Thank you!

    Karen Cross on

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