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Ann Catherine Andrews

"I have a 6th sense for helping women reclaim their beauty and look their best - guiding them to an authentic, more satisfying self-expression vis-a-vis the clothes they wear."                                                     

- Ann Andrews, Ann Catherine Design

As a clothing designer who works one-on-one with women, it did not take long to learn that most of my clients - no matter their age, shape or size - walk around with a feeling of "not measuring up". It's no wonder. Fashion, TV, Magazines, Movies, Advertisements -- we're saturated with images of what we should look like.  

Though we may not be fully aware, we internalize these unattainable and often distorted standards (and it doesn't feel good). So began a deep, personal inquiry into the meaning of beauty. What is it? Is beauty important? Why do we so often feel at odds with ourselves?

I believe Beauty is essential to our well-being and is far more than something we see. Beauty is something we feel, something we experience.  When we are not in alignment with authentic self-expression, our self-image suffers and others can sense it.

The clothing you wear is something you have control over; it's a piece of the well-being puzzle. So, in addition to designing Signature Classics and Shadow Pattern Scarves,  I help women reclaim their Beauty, encouraging a new way to see themselves beyond the influences of fashion and media.

Image Consulting

If you're someone who struggles with your self-image, I help clients identify their True Style; and further guide them in re-working their wardrobes to achieve a professional look that is in line with Who They Are, the work they do and preferred self-expression.

I offer a free 30-minute phone consultation to assess your specific needs. Let's Talk!

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