Meet the Designer

"Beauty already exists; like a divining rod, I'm drawn to its revelation." 
        Ann Andrews - Founder, Ann Catherine Design

As a design intuitive, I'm passionate about helping clients reclaim the beauty that lies dormant in their lives. Whether in their home environments or the clothing they wear, I assist in redefining and recreating a more authentic, satisfying self-expression.

Working directly with clothing customers, I learned very quickly that most women feel uncomfortable with the way they look. It's no wonder. Fashion, Magazines, TV, Movies, Advertisements -- we're besieged with images of what we should look like and how we should live.

Though we may not be fully aware, we internalize these unattainable and often distorted standards of beauty (and it doesn't feel good). This began a deep, personal inquiry into the meaning of Beauty. What is it? Is beauty important? Why do we so often feel at odds with ourselves?

I responded by assisting customers in reframing their self-image and offering wardrobe consultations to help them find ways to express their own vision of beauty vis-a-vis the clothes they wear; a vision that felt better and more authentic.

When my work evolved to include home interiors, I realized that when redesigning a room, for instance, I was not only using my visual sensibility; something more profound was happening. I was tuning into how the space felt. It's not magic -- we all respond to our environment every moment of the day.  I simply became aware that true beauty has an unmistakable resonance and is far more than something we see.  It's something we feel, something we experience. My work with interiors expanded to include not only creating beauty in the home but a beauty that felt welcoming, peaceful, more aligned. 

From these experiences, everything clicked and I became clear on what I uniquely bring to my clients as a designer: 

Whether in our home environment or the clothes we wear, Expressing and Experiencing beauty is a powerful means of self-expression and an important aspect of well-being.