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Your New Favorite Accessory!  

Bringing elegance, distinction and versatility to  your self-expression, Shadow Pattern Scarves greatly expand wardrobe possibilities. Worn with professional attire, casually or as an accent to evening wear, this versatile silk scarf will become Your New Favorite Accessory, setting you apart from the crowd.

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Ways to Tie a Scarf

Watch the video below for ideas on how you can style our wonderfully versatile silk chiffon scarves.


How to Style an Infinity Scarf

This video demonstrates the many ways you can style an Infinity Scarf from Ann Catherine, to fit your ensemble and your personality.

About Shadow Pattern Designer Scarves

The magic of Shadow Pattern Scarves comes from the interplay of two layers of contrasting chiffon prints. The pattern from the opposite sides creates a 'shadow effect', giving them a beauty and dimension not found in single layer scarves. 

Each scarf pattern combination is given a name - Sunrise, Ocean, Festival, for example - to evoke different moods and range from brightly colored to more neutral.

Multi-seasonal, lightweight, airy and reversible, Shadow Pattern Scarves are designed and produced in Chicago in small quantities.

What They're Saying

"Let me count the ways I LOVE your Shadow Pattern Scarves. I have 5 and wear them almost every day. They are SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! Today, I’m wearing a basic black top and my scarf adds just the right amount of style and color. They look beautiful, feel beautiful, and are beautifully made.

- Eve Ozer, Chicago, IL Eve Ozer

"Before I discovered Shadow Patterns, I thought scarves were only worn in winter when the temp drops. But, when I tried my first Shadow Pattern, I was delighted to discover how wonderful they FEEL. This led me to purchase more over time, as I pair them with everything from casual to dressy. They transform any outfit and I always get compliments."

- Jan Winslow, Evanston, IL Jan Winslow

"My Shadow Pattern INFINITY totally bumped up my scarf game. It’s one of those wondrous, artful, double-cool, double-duty accessories that goes with everything, from t-shirts to dressy tops, it completes my ensemble. Lighter than air and more impactful than the other 20 scarves in my wardrobe, I’m in love!"

- Micaela Sullivan-Fowler, Madison, WI Micaela Sullivan


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