Beauty for Your Home and Wardrobe

"Beauty is an energy, an essence.  Beauty is wholeness. Beauty is something we not only see, it’s something we actually experience."

Transform your Home and Wardrobe with Design Intuitive,  Ann Andrews (Limited to Chicago and Suburbs)

Moving at breakneck speed, our culture besieges us with images of what we “should” look like, and how we “should” live. This causes undue and unconscious stress and distraction from our true nature. 

By transforming living spaces and/or wardrobes,  I assist clients in reframing outer expectations and recapturing the beauty that resides within. Whether at home or in the clothes we wear, expressing and experiencing Beauty brings a little more peace and integration to our busy lives. 


To begin, consider these questions ...



Does my wardrobe reflect the image I wish to project?

Do I feel the beauty in my home and like to be there?

Do I have pieces I love that don't really fit me?

Is there a better way to arrange my furniture/artwork?

Are there gaps in my wardrobe?

Do the wall colors need refreshing?

Do I need help creating ensembles?

Is my home disorganized?

Is my closet organized?

Do I need to "re-purpose" an existing room? 

If you are feeling "out of sorts" with your home, wardrobe, or both, 
let's have a chat to discuss possibilities.  

Ann Andrews, Designer

Chicago, IL

847. 804. 2862