Reclaim Beauty / Home Design Consultation

 "For the first time, I can say that I feel surrounded by warmth and beauty, content in my own home. You have an exquisite eye and are efficient, practical, and decisive. You turned what previously has been a time-consuming, intimidating, and unnecessarily expensive process into a breeze and pleasure that fit my budget. What a gift!" 
- Kelly Morgan, Homeowner

Whether aware of it or not, you continually respond to everything in your home environment. For instance, a cluttered room can drain your energy, a poorly chosen paint color can affect your mood. These subtle influences can make a world of difference in the quality of your day.


Do I feel peaceful in my home and enjoy being there?

Do the wall colors provide a pleasant feeling?

Is there a better way to arrange my furniture/artwork to create more flow?

Does my home feel disorganized or overwhelming?

Do I need to repurpose a room that is underutilized?



Your answers will guide you in assessing the benefit you can receive from a Home Design Consultation. Because Experiencing Beauty in your Home is Integral to your Well-Being, my goal is to assist you in reclaiming beauty that lies dormant and is waiting to be tapped.

First, we identify the room(s) that "just don't feel right" and what you hope to accomplish. Working with your existing home furnishings, I'll make suggestions to recreate your space (paint color, furniture rearrangement, etc.) that will result in a more harmonized, peaceful feeling at home. It can be a little project or a big one; either is fine and because I am all about creating beauty so that you feel better, I'd love to help! 


Need a change? Contact Ann at 847.804.2862 or fill in the form below with any questions you may have. (You'll receive a response within 48 hrs.)