Professional Events

Ann Catherine Design offers unique opportunities for professional women who wish to host events for their colleagues, clients and/or prospects.

Women like to attend lifestyle events and interact with a community of other women.

Events focused on self-care and wellness are particular favorites.


A Chicago-based designer, Ann Andrews' distinct message (Reclaiming Beauty) helps women better understand how important the nurturing of beauty is to self-care and wellness. Her unique insights come from her experience working 1-on-1 with clients, hosting private trunk shows and writing inspirational blogs. 

"Moving at breakneck speed, our culture besieges us with images of what we should look like and how we should live.  We take this in on a subconscious level and more often than not, feel like we're not measuring up.  This causes undue and unconscious stress and yet another distraction from our core nature."
-Ann Andrews, Ann Catherine Design 

Ann deconstructs beauty, inviting women to reframe outer expectations, and move toward a more authentic expression and experience of the beauty that resides within themselves. Personable and perceptive, she takes beauty seriously, helping women reclaim it for their own well-being.

If this message resonates with you, consider hosting a Speaking event and/or a Private Trunk Show for your colleagues, clients and prospects.


1)  Talk and Discussion led by Ann (choices below)

  • How to “Feng Shui” your Wardrobe so it becomes a partner in the unique expression of Who You Are.
  • Reclaiming Beauty, Create a Word Platform that redefines your Style Signature.
  • Why Beauty is Integral to Well-Being, and 5 Easy Ways to Reclaim It.

2)  Private Trunk Show featuring Ann Catherine Design 


For further questions or to schedule an event, please call Ann at 847.804.2862, or fill in the form below. (You will receive a response within 48 hrs.)