Professional Image Coaching

What would it be like to go to your closet every morning and know exactly what to wear to feel CONFIDENT, BEAUTIFUL and in FULL ALIGNMENT with Who You Are? 

The clothing you wear is a powerful means of self-expression. When the 'image' you project does not line up with Who You Are, your confidence is compromised. Confidence, of course, is fundamental to your success and well-being.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Does my clothing align with my brand, messaging and profession?
  • Is my wardrobe inhibiting my success?
  • Do I often not know what to wear?
  • Does my clothing reflect the image I wish to project?
  • Do I feel good in my clothes?
  • Are there gaps in my wardrobe?
  • Do I need help creating new ensembles?
  • Is my closet organized or overwhelming?

What You'll Receive

Option A

  • Your Professional Style 3-Word Professional Style Guide
  • 1-on-1 with Ann - Wardrobe Assessment and Alignment  (3-4 hrs.)  SPRING/SUMMER WARDROBE
    • Identify best Silhouettes for your specific figure
    • Identify color combinations that harmonize with your 3-Words
    • Create new ensembles from pieces you already have (with photos)
    • Identify 'gaps' in your wardrobe (what you need to shop for)
    • Edit/Donate clothing that no longer works for you.
    • 'Pin' clothing you love (that does not fit properly) so it's ready for your tailor.
    • Learn to 'see' yourself in a new way
    • Become aware of self-talk that doesn't serve you
    • Receive clarity and tools for future clothing purchases
  • Follow-up email with Summary, Shopping Tips, What You Learned, Insights gained from the session.
  • Added Bonus - Complimentary Video Styling session.

Option B

  • Includes Option A
  • Plus Personal Shopping with Ann to learn what clothes best work for your body and Professional Style 3-Word Template (approx. 6 hrs. total)

Schedule a Complimentary 30-minute Style Assessment with Ann

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A Few Words from Clients

"Working with Ann is a life altering experience in that she TRULY changed the way I look at my body and even how I define beauty for myself. I would often think of my "curves" negatively and she helped me reframe my thoughts positively and discover that my body can look beautiful when wearing clothes that fit me properly. I absolutely recommend Ann's services to anyone! She is a JOY to work with!"

- Jen Coffel - Minooka, IL Jen Coffel

"I was looking for help with my wardrobe because I never had the clothing I needed for my professional life.  Ann helped me identify a style that not only suits me, but a style that beautifully resonates with Who I Am and what I teach. I've been to several work functions/events since, where I have gotten to wear my new and improved wardrobe. It has been fantastic! I highly recommend Ann Catherine to be your go-to expert for wardrobe. She made the whole process fun, and I feel very inspired with the results!"

- Jenny Gumm - Chicago, IL Jenny Gumm

"I had a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear - until meeting with Ann. By the time she arrived, I was so overwhelmed, I had no idea how to begin. With her very calm demeanor and creative eye, we dove in. I loved every minute of our three hours together - the time flew by! We reduced my Spring/Summer wardrobe by one third, and she helped me create new ensembles from what I kept. Ann took the guess work out of getting dressed; I now wear all the beautiful clothes in my closet - instead of the usual default outfit."

- Mair Hill - Wilmette, IL Mair Hill

"You are wonderful at what you do and a gift to anyone you work with. I LOVE what we did together and I’ll think of it (and you) whenever I get dressed for my work day."

- Sharyn Reiff - Skokie, IL Sharyn Reiff