About Us

A N N   C A T H E R I N E   is passionate . . .  

about creating timeless women's clothing and accessories. More importantly, we bring Beauty, Grace, and Ease to women who seek to try on those words. 

As a design intuitive, I've learned that Beauty is not only something we see, it's something we feel. Because we continually respond to everything in our environment - whether in nature, at home, or even in the clothes we wear - I believe that beauty is essential to wellbeing.
This heartfelt conviction is the guiding principle behind the brand, and what I wish to share with our customers.



S H A D O W   P A T T E R N S , our Signature Scarves

are a "Fall in Love" accessory. Created by layering 2 complementary (or contrasting) sheer, silk prints, the magic of these scarves comes from the interplay of the blended patterns. LOOK CLOSELY, you'll notice the underlying pattern peeks thru to reveal a shadow effect, adding dimension and reversibility not found in single layer scarves.
Our pattern combinations have names that evoke the natural world or a memorable experience. Feel into Mist, Festival, Shoreline,  Dreamcatcher, Whisper, and TeaTime; this season's Shadow Pattern combinations.


Meet  O U R   T E A M 

Ann Andrews 
Designer, Company Owner
"Beauty already exists; like a divining rod, I'm drawn to its revelation" 
Lindsey Altongy
Photographer, Brand Developer,
"My mission is to convey the magic of Shadow Patterns through image-making and storytelling that highlights their elegance and whimsy."
Antoinette Arnold
Marketing Strategist
"I love to share the many layers of Ann Catherine's brand story with our customers and retailers."

 C O N T A C T

We love answering your questions (and getting to know you)!