Your True Style - Wardrobe Alignment

Are you tired of keeping up with fashion trends only to feel like you never quite 'measure up'? Or have you dropped out of the game altogether?

The clothing you wear is a powerful means of self-expression. When the 'image' you project is not in alignment with Your True Style your confidence is compromised. Confidence, of course, is fundamental to your well-being and success.


Is my wardrobe inhibiting my success?

Do I often not know what to wear?

Does my clothing reflect the person I wish to project?

Do I feel good in my clothes?

Are there gaps in my wardrobe?

Do I need help creating new ensembles?

Is my closet organized or overwhelming?



The answers to these questions will help you assess the benefits you will receive from a Wardrobe Alignment session. 

Because the pressures of fashion, advertising and magazines present women with an impossible standard of beauty,  I invite you to re-discover and re-claim Your True Style in order to feel more confident, beautiful and authentic vis-a-vis the clothes you wear.  It is a truly transformative experience and it would be my pleasure to work with you.

 "Working with Ann is a life altering experience in that she TRULY changed the way I look at my body and even how I define beauty for myself. I would often think of my "curves" negatively and she really helped me reframe my thoughts positively and discover that my body can look beautiful when wearing clothes that fit me properly.

I absolutely recommend Ann's services to anyone! She is a JOY to work with!" - Jen C.  Minooka, IL. 

 "I loved what we did together and I’ll think of it (and you) whenever I get dressed for my work day. 
You are wonderful at what you do and a gift to everyone you work with."   -  Sharyn R.  Skokie, IL.

Are you ready step into Your Beauty - Your True Style? Contact Ann at 847.804.2862 or fill in the form below with any questions you may have.  Let's do this!