Video Styling

With many entrepreneurs, small business owners and professional women working from home, it's easy to get into a habit of 'settling', which might be fine if no one is watching. But, when you're doing an online presentation, running a webinar or hosting a Zoom meeting

How You Show Up Matters.

Think of Your Video Presence as a magazine cover. It sets the expectation as to what is coming next.  What your viewers 'see' is also what they 'feel' and will leave a lasting impression of your brand.  I've created a service to help you make a positive and lasting video experience for your online audience.

Background & Wardrobe Styling (for video)

I created this service to help you present your best self on video platforms. By aligning the all the visual aspects of your Video Presence to match your brand and messaging, we create a seamless experience for your online guests. 
Bringing together many of my skills as a designer (clothing, interiors), consulting (wardrobe, professional image) and a well-honed intuition, I am able to easily spot what might be distracting to your online viewers or clients - whether it's your background, or something you are wearing. From there - working with what you already have - I help you create an appealing background, along with making wardrobe suggestions that will invite viewers into your online world.
The less 'visual noise' that is experienced the more likely your audience will tune into YOU and what you have to share. The result?  You'll feel more confident, look more professional and create a better connection with those who are watching.
Are you ready to stand out?

What You'll Receive

  • A pre-session Questionnaire to assess your specific needs, and identify what you hope to create. 
  • A Zoom Consultation with Ann (40 or 60 min. session), working with what you already have available in your home. Together, we create a more welcoming online world for your audience and eliminate the 'visual noise'.
  • Suggestions for lighting, camera angle and where to position yourself so you appear telegenic to your viewers.
  • Suggestions for wardrobe that are in alignment with your profession, brand and messaging.
  • An amazing experience for a very affordable price